A Kid Set Up A Stand To Give His Toys Away

I've seen kids lemonade stands, but never anything like this! 

A woman near Tampa named Melissa Work told her six-year-old son Blake to clean his room last month.  And he didn't want to, because there were so many toys to pick up.

So she told him he was lucky to have that many, because a lot of kids don't.  And when he realized some kids don't have enough toys, he set up a "Free Toy" stand outside their house.

He made a sign that said, "Cheer up, kids.  Come to Blake Work's house.  We have free toys 4 you."  Then he sat outside with a bunch of his favorite toys for SIX HOURS.  He even took his nap there in case people showed up.

One guy who was working on a house across the street took a Transformers toy for his nephew.  He insisted on paying $5 for it, so Blake said he'd give the money to charity.

A few other kids took a soccer ball and some books.  He actually ran inside to get MORE books for them, and even tried to give them the hat he was wearing.  And his mom joked he would have given away their HOUSE if they'd let him.

His teacher also came by at one point to tell him how proud she was.  And he decided to give all the leftover toys to his school, so other kids can play with them.

CLICK HERE to see Blake's stand.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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