31% Of Us Didn't Do This Over The Weekend!

Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday?  

I know that sounds silly, but according to a new survey, 31% of us didn't watch the Super Bowl, yeah that's one in three of us!

Some other findings from the survey...

1. 39% said football is their favorite sport to watch on TV.  12% said basketball, 10% said baseball, 8% said soccer, 6% Nascar, 5% said Hockey, and 13% said they don't watch sports at all.

2. 20% of us think our favorite team has been "cursed" at some point in the past.  That includes 24% of men, and 15% of women.

3. A quarter of us think God directly affects the winner of the Super Bowl.  25% think he determines the outcome of sporting events.  73% think he has better things to do.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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