What We'll Be Spending For Our Super Bowl Parties

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday?

I'm still bummed our green & gold won't be playing, but I am looking forward to some food and football!

Nielsen just released the results of their study on how much we'll spend on food and drinks for the Super Bowl this year.  Check it out...

7. $13 million on veggie trays

6. $71 million on cheese snacks

5. $82 million on chicken wings

4. $99 million on meat snacks (pork rinds, beef jerkey, cocktail weenies etc)

3. $500 million on chips (Potato are more popular than Tortilla) And we'll spend another $52 million on dips.

2. $1.1 billion on wine and liquor.  That's $594 million on wine, and $503 million on the hard stuff.

1. $1.2 billion on beer!  A lot of that will go toward imported beers and craft beers.  Only about one-sixth goes toward, "budget" beer.

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