Guy with a Cane Saves Bus Driver

A guy in Kansas City started harassing a bus driver over the weekend, and then attacked her.

He was riding the bus at the time, walked up to the front after it stopped, and put the bus driver in a headlock.  

Luckily for her, a 56-year-old guy named Rodney Goldman (who walks with a cane) was on the bus.  He immediately stood up, got to the front of the bus, and started beating the attacker with his cane!

He bashed him 15-20 times, hard enough that he broke his cane.  Then he kicked him off the bus, and told him that he'd keep beating him if he tried to get back on until the cops got there.

The city thanked Rodney for being a hero by giving him an unlimited bus pass, so he can ride FREE for life, and a store that sells medical equipment ended up giving him two new canes to replace the one he broke defending the bus driver.

Here's the video, but WARNING there's Profanity!

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