Guns N Hoses- Police Vs Fireman- 2020 Jacksonville

Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena  · 

Rumble in the River City…Battle of the East Coast!

It’s Police vs Firefighters at the 22nd Annual Guns N’ Hoses Charity Boxing Event on April 18, 2020 at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena.

Join Jacksonville’s First Responders! This year the Hoses will have to wait to take the title back from the Guns. The NYPD Police and Corrections Boxing Team are coming to town and Jacksonville Guns and Hoses will have to team up together to defend their house. Watch amateur boxers – both men and women – go head-to-head in the ring for the chance at bragging rights. You also get to help raise money for some great local charities! Join our police and firefighters as they “Fight for a Better Community”.

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